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What is an LNA (Licensed Nursing Assistant)?

A rewarding healthcare career where the little things you do mean the world to those you serve.

LNAs – or caregivers as they are often called – fill key roles in nursing homes and long-term care facilities and are critical in caring for individuals that require a wide range of services. These jobs serve as a gateway to a healthcare career and do not require a college degree.

With an aging population and uncertainty in the workforce, the need for LNAs has never been greater. Individuals can be trained in as little as three weeks and the NH Needs Caregivers initiative covers training costs in many cases, as well as licensing to help fill critical healthcare roles and vacancies across New Hampshire.

LNA career and training locations

Every nursing home in New Hampshire needs LNAs. These individuals provide critical services and the current shortfall in workers is hindering the ability of some nursing homes to take additional clients. Filling these positions is vital to ensuring that there are sufficient resources available to care for these individuals in their time of need.
These New Hampshire cities and towns are currently hosting training centers:








North Conway



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